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How to learn clutch control

Posted by dave 
How to learn clutch control
November 26, 2013 04:24AM
Here is a way of teaching clutch control that I have used when friends are learning to drive.

I have driven the car to a quiet side street with a slight incline, parked on the side of the
road a little way out from the kerb, handbrake applied.

Then I depressed the clutch and engaged 1st gear, then pressed the accelerator to produce
a fast tickover, about 2000 rpm.

I then put my hand on the handbrake and slowly raised the clutch pedal to find the clutch
biting point, ie when the engine revs dip a bit, and held the clutch there.

With the clutch at the biting point I slowly release the handbrake, the vehicle remains stationary,
held on the clutch.

I then raise the clutch a little, and the vehicle moves slowly forward, I then press the clutch a
little and the vehicle slows and stops, again held on the clutch.

I then lower the clutch a little and the vehicle moves backwards slowly, Next I raise the clutch to
return to the biting point and the vehicle slows and stops.

During this exercise I keep the accelerator constant, and control the car with the clutch.

Clearly one would not want to do this on a steep hill or for long periods, but it does help to learn
clutch control and hill starts etc.

Best Regards Dave .... Further details available from Leicester Driving School 4 U

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